Episode 5 – Russell Nohelty

Russell Nohelty


Russell Nohelty is the owner of Wannabe Press.  The following is from their about page.



Publisher Russell Nohelty founded Wannabe Press in 2014 after he got sick of the publishing bureaucracy.

After yet another delay from yet another publisher, he bought back all the rights to all of his properties and vowed to do it himself from then on out.

He set up a kickstarter and successfully funded ICHABOD JONES:MONSTER HUNTER to 150% of its goal. Along with a reprint of his first novel Gumshoes and two other properties, Ichabod made up the January 2015 launch lineup of Wannabe Press.

We are dedicated to cutting out the bull and delivering awesome product across all print and digital media.

Are you a Wannabe?

Episode 4 – Mia Mae Lynne

Mia Mae Lynne


She has enjoyed writing from the time she was in grade school. She started a diary and wrote in the journal for seven years. She always knew that one day all of her creative ideas would come into fruition and writing has been her escape.
“The Chronicles of Fate” series was born in the metro Atlanta area allowing her to explore her creative side. The series was later renamed to “Southern Men Don’t Fall In Love” with “Atlanta’s Most Eligible Bachelor” as the first book in the series with many more to follow. She has really enjoyed writing the series and has embraced each of the characters as they have entrusted her with their stories to share with the world.
After discovering psychic and mediumship abilities, she became a student of spiritualism. She has newly begun this path and has explored the traditional areas of tarot, numerology, astrology and other related areas of interest in the metaphysical arts. She has received training from the Fellowship of the Spirit in New York as well as read numerous books and attended various classes to expand her knowledge.



Mia disfruta escribiendo desde que era una niña. Todo empezó con un diario que escribió durante 7 años que funcionaba como su vía de escape. Esto hizo que Mia siempre supiese que algún día todas de sus ideas creativas saldrían de alguna manera. La saga Las crónicas del destino fue creada en el área metropolitana de Atlanta dejándola explorar su lado más creativo. La serie fue rebautizada más tarde como Los hombres del sur no se enamoran, y El soltero más codiciado de Atlanta como el primer libro de muchos. Mia ha disfrutado mucho al escribir la saga debido a que cada uno de los personajes, los cuales ha adoptado, le han confiado sus historias para compartir con el mundo.
Después de descubrir las habilidades psíquicas y de mediumnidad, se convirtió en estudiante de espiritismo. Recientemente, la autora se ha adentrado en este camino y ha explorado los aspectos tradicionales del tarot, la numerología, la astrología, y otras áreas relacionadas y de interés de las artes metafísicas. Ha recibido formación de Insight Espiritual I y II de la Comunidad del Espíritu en Nueva York, así como de la lectura de numerosos libros y asistencia a varias clases para ampliar su conocimiento espiritual.


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Episode 3 – Jason P. Crawford


Episode 3 – Jason P. Crawford

Jason has been writing since October of 2012 and has written six full novels. He published five novels , and his first Fantasy novel, Dragon Princess, is in editing.  James T. Johnson is working on the cover at present. Jason is currently crafting the third Samuel Buckland novel, tentatively titled Doom of Light.

Jason says about himself, “When writing about yourself, one needs to strike the proper balance between humility and grandeur. Normalcy and eccentricity. Strangeness and comfort.


I’m 34 and live in amazing Kapolei on the island of Oahu. I’m a genius. I regularly think about what the world would be like if the air was ACTUALLY made of small spirits that we were inhaling – and why they haven’t torn us up for doing so. My writing springs from my enormous, nigh-bottomless well of creativity, and is entirely organic. No pesticides at all.

Just kidding. What I really mean is that I never plot any of my stories. Every action takes me by surprise as much as it does you. It makes writing the most amazing thing I have ever done…besides raising my three sons, of course!”

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Jason’s Website

Episode 2 – Daniel Baylis

Episode 2 - Daniel Baylis

Episode 2 – Daniel Baylis

Daniel Baylis was born in British Columbia, educated in Edmonton and refined in Montréal. He holds a degree in Human Relations from Concordia University, has planted more than 250,000 trees and has run a grand total of one marathon. His professional credentials include articles for Fast Company, Huffington Post and The Guardian, as well as content collaborations with Tourisme Montréal, enRoute Magazine and N/A Marketing. In his spare time, he enjoys yoga and drinking Malbec.

“The Traveller: Notes from an Imperfect Journey Around the World” is his first book.

Episode 1- Bonny Capps

Episode 1- Bonny Capps

This weeks feature author is Bonny Capps.  She is the author of Deliverance for Amelia and, her newest, Gabriel , a dark erotica series she writes.  This is the fourth novel she has released on Amazon and she is currently working on her fifth.

This conversation with Bonny is the first author we have been able to get up on the site.  Bonny has been interested in poetry and writing for years, but the idea for her latest series actually came while she was on a trip.  During the interview you will see how she came up with the story.

Publishing Experience

Bonny and I go into her publishing experience with Amazon as well.  We discuss the parts of the process that were a struggle as well as the parts that she was able to do easily.  She discusses having a first reader and editor for her stories and how she networks with other authors online.

We also briefly discuss what her marketing strategy is and how that has worked so far for her in creating success with the book.  Bonny’s books  are featured this week so take a look and enjoy her stories.


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