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This site is here for you, the reader, the writer, the small press.  That is what Indie Publisher Bookstore is about.  This bookstore exists for you the reader who is tired of mass market books, the reader that is tired of seeing the same ideas splayed across page after page.  If you want stories that don’t take, this is not the site for you.  We want to showcase new young, raw, and expressive talent.

Speaking of talent this site is also about the author.  Are you an author who is self-publishing your work? That is what Indie Publisher Bookstore is about, getting you seen.  We want your talent and your energy.  We want to be able to share you with others looking for your type of story.  If you have book trailers or time for an interview let us know we would love to get you seen on the site and post your book trailers here.

Small Presses, we haven’t forgotten about you.  We need you as well.  We would love to partner with you to get your titles listed here and featured on or website.  We want to help you and show you that we are about making you a success as much as we are about getting indie work in front of customers.  We want you to get your great stories in the hands of people seeking something different.  We want people to see that the next great classic can be more mom and pop.

Indie Publisher Bookstore is about getting that mom and pop shop feel from an online store.  Let’s come together to build a community of people that can buy and share the wonderful stories that are out there waiting to be discovered and read, and read again.  Small Press, Self Published, Indie, should never scare people off.  We are about helping people understand you can find quality in all shapes and sizes.

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  • I am an indie author and would like for my books to be included in your bookstore. I am also available for interviews. Please contact me at your convenience.

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