Episode 3 – Jason P. Crawford


Episode 3 – Jason P. Crawford

Jason has been writing since October of 2012 and has written six full novels. He published five novels , and his first Fantasy novel, Dragon Princess, is in editing.  James T. Johnson is working on the cover at present. Jason is currently crafting the third Samuel Buckland novel, tentatively titled Doom of Light.

Jason says about himself, “When writing about yourself, one needs to strike the proper balance between humility and grandeur. Normalcy and eccentricity. Strangeness and comfort.


I’m 34 and live in amazing Kapolei on the island of Oahu. I’m a genius. I regularly think about what the world would be like if the air was ACTUALLY made of small spirits that we were inhaling – and why they haven’t torn us up for doing so. My writing springs from my enormous, nigh-bottomless well of creativity, and is entirely organic. No pesticides at all.

Just kidding. What I really mean is that I never plot any of my stories. Every action takes me by surprise as much as it does you. It makes writing the most amazing thing I have ever done…besides raising my three sons, of course!”

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