Episode 1- Bonny Capps

Episode 1- Bonny Capps

This weeks feature author is Bonny Capps.  She is the author of Deliverance for Amelia and, her newest, Gabriel , a dark erotica series she writes.  This is the fourth novel she has released on Amazon and she is currently working on her fifth.

This conversation with Bonny is the first author we have been able to get up on the site.  Bonny has been interested in poetry and writing for years, but the idea for her latest series actually came while she was on a trip.  During the interview you will see how she came up with the story.

Publishing Experience

Bonny and I go into her publishing experience with Amazon as well.  We discuss the parts of the process that were a struggle as well as the parts that she was able to do easily.  She discusses having a first reader and editor for her stories and how she networks with other authors online.

We also briefly discuss what her marketing strategy is and how that has worked so far for her in creating success with the book.  Bonny’s books  are featured this week so take a look and enjoy her stories.


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